Barnwood customized for your home
About our cabinets
What do you love about going home? Is it that comfortable feeling of familiarity? Home is a place where you can unwind, be you, be NATURAL. Home is where so many stories unfold, where we destress and let our raw emotions show, whether they be happy, sad, or somewhere in between.

Reclaimed barnwood is much like us. Like the smile lines in our face, or worry creases in our foreheads; the cracks and nooks and crannies in the wood show the life it has lived. It has seen sunny days and rainy days. Its character can be warm and inviting, relaxed and gently distressed, or sometimes raw and weathered showing its long journey. Whatever the story, the outcome is the same. Our wood has been weathered to a desirable, rustic perfection that could only develop over the course of time.

Carefully crafted into kitchen masterpieces, our barnwood cabinets are an addition to your home that will never go unnoticed or under appreciated. Our cabinets will add a tranquil charm to your home and continue to grow in character as they will someday also tell YOUR story.
Built with Pride
Our cabinets are built within our own cabinet shop out in the "sticks" of Susquehanna, Pa. Almost twenty years ago, we found our love for barnwood and decided to embark on this journey. Starting out with the desire to salvage the antique wood from old barns to quickly developing an artistic eye applied with our master craftsman skills building our one of a kind, custom kitchen cabinets.

Our knowledge has grown immensely throughout our years of experience in the barnwood business. We continually seek ways to apply our latest ideas to our products and always stay focused on producing cabinets with a long lasting quality, functionality, style and charm.
kitchen made from barnwood
We Seal the Deal
We seal our cabinets with a conversion varnish that is baked on for easy cleaning and durability. This varnish also protects you from any splintery rough feeling on the wood without sacrificing the authentic rustic look. We find beauty in the imperfections. Old nail holes, and different colorations are part of what makes our product unique.
Cleaning and Care
Simply wipe your cabinets down with water and a sponge or use a mild detergent if necessary. Our baked on varnish will protect your cabinets from spills and cleaning agents.
Why Choose Our Cabinets?
Benefits of Benedict Antique Cabinetry
  • 1
    3/4″ SOLID cabinet box construction screw assembly
  • 2
    3/4″ face frame reveal for scribe ease and finished panel attachment.
  • 3
    Hidden soft close hinges with 6 way adjustment.
  • 4
    Solid wood center panel.
  • 5
    Solid wood door frame.
  • 6
    3/4″ thick edge banded adjustable shelving.
  • 7
    Stainless steel adjustable shelf holder.
  • 8
    Solid wood drawer front.
  • 9
    Plywood drawer bottom.
  • 10
    Full reinforcing rail.
  • 11
    Solid 3/4″ dovetail drawer box option.
  • 12
    Full extension soft close under mount drawer glides.
  • 13
    3/4″ solid wood face frame screw assembly.
Features of Our Cabinets
Cheap cabinets and why you don't want them
Cheap Cabinet Construction Drawbacks
  • 1
    The whole cabinet is made with nails/ and or staples.
  • 2
    The cabinet is reinforced minimally with small wood or plastic gussets.
  • 3
    There are no reinforcing structures used to mount the cabinet to the wall.
  • 4
    The cabinet is constructed with 1/2″ plywood or MDF ( medium density fiberboard)
  • 5
    They use inexpensive sidemount drawer glides.
  • 6
    They use inexpensive hinges and rubber door bumpers when doors slam shut.
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