We have a selection of Classic Barnwood Finishes to choose from to match your next barnwood project. Below are some examples of recent projects we have completed using the various finishes.

Rustic Brown Barnwood Finish

If you love warm colors mixed with a charming rustic style, our Rustic Brown cabinetry is for you. Our Rustic Brown cabinets have the warmest color tones out of all our barnwood options.

Rustic Gray Barnwood Finish

Our Rustic Gray Cabinetry is our most authentic, rustic looking cabinetry that we have to offer. Shades of gray lend a subtle tranquility and versatility to your space. Our rustic gray barnwood reveals incredible character through the grain of the wood.

Skimplaned Gray Barnwood Finish

One of our most popular finishes, skimplaned gray shows off a warm undertone and unique texture resulting in a stunningly dramatic appearance in your cabinetry.

Planed Barnwood Finish

Who knew that authentic antique barnwood could look so refined? Our planed barnwood cabinets offer a clean, smooth look giving a whole new life to our salvaged barnwood.