You can add the unique beauty and charm of barnwood cabinetry across your home. See some examples from recent projects below!


We offer an array of styles in kitchen cabinetry. From our one of a kind, antique barnwood cabinetry to our traditional, new wood construction, painted cabinets. Let us create the look you desire. Want the best of both worlds? A distressed painted kitchen with a custom designed barnwood island is sure to make a stunning statement.


Turn any corner of your home into a cozy and tasteful corner of productivity without sacrificing style. Add barnwood accents such as barnwood countertops and barnwood shelving to blend the more traditional and rustic styles together creating a fresh look


Barnwood cabinets can bring a rustic charm to every bathroom in your home!


Barnwood accents are a beautiful addition to your bedroom ensemble


Barnwood cabinets can be used to perfectly complete an amazing bar!


Every home needs a recreational room for play, entertaining or possibly a game room. Adding accents such as " sliding barn doors" , barnwood shelving to store games on, or cabinetry to keep organized provides a flare of function and fun to your home decor.

Laundry Room

Create a laundry room that you love and you may not mind doing laundry quite as much.


Lets face it, storage is everything! Without it, our homes are a disarray. Stay organized by creating a highly functional, yet beautiful space to store all of your household needs. Those that have immaculate homes know the secrets. Extra shelving, extra closet space, pantries, entryway lockers etc. These are the answers to tidiness and the beginning to loving the space you live in.